A Little Princess was our first complete project at WBIT (Warner Bros. Imaging Technology) a small group that would eventually become Warner Digital. I have to say that working on this picture is one of my favorite experiences. Alfonso CuarĂ³n, Chivo, Steven Weisberg, Bo Welch, Alan C Blomquist and Amy Ephron,were all great to work with. The film is beautiful. We didn't damage it with the effects, which were modest.

John Scheele was working on Batman Forever, so he assigned me to act as Co-VFX supervisor. To put it mildly, our budget was modest. I've worked on individual shots that cost more than the entire effects budget of this film, so we needed to be very careful.

The pullback was originally much shorter, but Alfonso so liked it that he asked us to slow down the pullback and lengthen it's duration to make it more lyrical. Hiroki Itokazu modeled the tower. Rob House handled the rain and lightning effects. I supervised the live action plate shoot and provided a multiplane matte painting of New York ca. 1915.

The Himalayan hill station matte painting plate was shot at the Huntington Gardens. Both paintings were created using a beta version of Photoshop 3, which I was testing for Adobe. Layers! Compositing was done in Composer.