I've included two clips from Coneheads. I supervised the various matte shots, worked out camera placement and supervised the location plate photography. In addition, I sited camera positions for the Garthog arena sequence, supervised element photography for the matte paintings, as well as motion control plate photography (and provided production illustrations) for the return to Remulak, that little town in France.

The return to Remulak was composited into an interior set of the Coneheads' space ship.

The scene staged in front of a refinery was built from a variety of elements. The refinery itself was created from stills I shot of various plants, which I reworked in Photoshop (version 2.5 - no layers). These were long exposures and the reciprocity failure actually enhanced the look. The fence is painted in Photoshop. The middle ground where the actors are moving was shot at the Disney ranch. The foreground space ship is a miniature made by Mark Stetson's model shop, which was shot as a still and reworked in Photoshop. The flame and smoke elements were shot on stage at Paramount. The composite was done in Flame at CIS.