The two clips from Freejack present different aspects of my work for DreamQuest. The long pan is a matte painting to which were added animating signs. The painting board was about 16 ft long, sprayed with a gloss black laquer. On this I painted all of the floors of lights and a suggestion of structural surface, not much, just enough to sell. To create the contour, I painted the white printback board with a light grey shape in the area that corresponded to the building's position in the pan. That created a slightly darker shape against the sky. Simple, and it worked.

The tilt up was a miniature shot that was based on designs I prepared for Geoff Murphy which detailed the McCandless building. This was originally going to be a matte painting for which I had drawn a layout, but the production liked the elevator design and decided to have us build it in order to allow for a camera move. It does work better as a model.

The Hacienda shot was an attempt to pull off a 2 1/2D cheat, rather than building a full miniature of the Hacienda. Instead of a flat masonite cut out, the wings were set back from the central facade to add some shearing between walls when the motion control camera orbited the painting. I worked out the proportions, which the model shop fabricated.