Marvin the Martian In the 3rd Dimension was made for Warner's Theme Park Division. I believe it to be the first digital 3D stereoscopic classically animated film. The code that became the source for Alias' toon shader was developed by WBIT during the making of this film.

Nine different animation groups contributed to the project, as subcontractors to WBIT. Marvin 3D was a hugely ambitious and complicated undertaking for that time (1995). Initially, my primary job was to supervise the creation of the 3D digital environments. As the production continued, I was also asked to become the overall supervisor for WBIT, and so followed the project all the way through to the final timing of the answer print.

The best part of this experience was the friendships that I established during the production, friendships that continue to this day.

The dandelion shot was created by Santa Barbara Studios, for whom I had worked as a matte artist. I had a very good rapport with them so the work went very smoothly.

The K-9 shot is an example of a hand off between studios. The image of the Martian Maggot and debris was created by DreamQuest Images and had to be married up with the front floor, Martian Maggot, character animation and hallway, which were created by the WBIT, and Digital group within Warner Classic Animation. The stereoscopic space needed to match up between the two sources, and it does.

All of these companies, and the others - including PDI - used different software for animating and for rendering. I made sure that all of their work matched up visually and gave them direction when necessary.